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JSC OMSK NPZ is among the most advanced refineries in Russia and one of the largest in the world, with
an installed annual capacity of 21.4 million tonnes.


The capacity of the Omsk Oil Refinery, one of the world's largest oil processing facilities, now stands at 20 million
tonnes per year. In 2010 the volume of oil refining at the facility was around 19 million tonnes, with the refining
depth of 83.27%, one of the highest in the Russian refining industry.

Today the Omsk refinery produces around 50 types of product. The facility occupies the leading position in Russia
in terms of motor fuel production. A significant proportion of the production structure at the plant is devoted to
aromatic hydrocarbons: benzene, paraxylene, orthoxylene, all raw materials for the petrochemical and organic
synthesis industries. The modernised technological process at the Aromatics complex allows for the production of
orthoxylene of up to 99.6% purity, benzene of up to 99.98% purity and paraxylene of up to 99.95% purity - the
highest ratings in the The refinery produces Euro 4 and Euro 5 gasoline and diesel. In 2012 the World Refining
Association (WRA) recognised Gazprom Neft's Omsk refinery as the best oil refinery in Russia and the CIS.

In 2013 the output of the Omsk refinery again won a prize in the "100 best goods in Russia" competition.
A large-scale modernisation program is under way at the Omsk refinery. In 2012 the refinery commissioned a
motor fuel hydro- skimming facility, which includes a catalytic cracking gasoline hydrotreatment unit and a diesel
fuel hydrotreatment unit. The commissioning of this new production facility enabled the refinery to increase its
output of Euro 4 and Euro 5 gasolines.
Utilisation of installed primary capacity at the Omsk refinery in 2013 was 94.51%; depth of refining was 91.03%
and output of light petroleum products was 67.53%.

Output of Euro 5 gasoline rose to 3.65 million tonnes, 2.6 times more than in 2012, while 4.0 million tonnes
of Euro 5 diesel  fuel was produced at Omsk, up from zero in 2012,
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